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It comes up all the time, a builder will say “50k off of a certain home”. You as a buyer already have a pre-approval from a lender you are completely satisfied with, and are ready to use you just need to find the right home. You walk into the builder and the home they have is perfect you love the 50k incentive to make the purchase and then while writing up the contract the builder says “oh ya, by the way that incentive (50k off the home) is only if you use our (the builders) “preferred lender”. (a lot of times it is the builders own direct mortgage company ie: for Meritage Homes its Meritage Mortgage Company.) So now what do you as the buyer?

Well the situation is a common one and one that essentially breaks most of Federal the RESPA (the real estate

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As one can imagine with Tucson AZ’s incredible climate we have a lot of people that purchase second homes and even more that decide to retire here. In Tucson AZ Age Restricted Communities/Neighborhoods, 55 Communities, and even 45 Communities are spread all over the Tucson valley. These types of neighborhoods provide residents to be able to be “Active Adults”. These communities have age restrictions meaning that one or both residents must be above a certain age (typically 55) to be allowed to reside in the community. Most neighborhoods have very large community centers that offer large pools, fitness equipment, workout areas, spas, game rooms, etc.. I have personally seen a lot of these clubhouses and to say the least they are very nice, most are in

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If you’re a first time homebuyer in Tucson AZ what programs are available for your home purchase? Well for the most part you will have several options available. Due to the re-workings of how FHA loans are made, no longer can you as a borrower obtain a down payment from the seller which had become very common for the past several years. There is one program that is available so that you as a buyer in Tucson AZ can obtain 100% financing. This program is available only to first time buyers and only for properties purchased within Pima County. This Pima County bond will essentially allow you as a first time buyer to get 100% financing, and in some cases a little more to help pay for the other loan costs associated with buying a home. So what other

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