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A lot of people think to own a second home/ winter home in Tucson you must spend a lot of money. Here in Tucson you can get nice second homes/ winter homes all day long for under $150k. Many people don’t realize the selection is available because for the past 5 years any home under 150k was purchased very quickly during the boom years that Tucson went through. What kind of second home can you get in Tucson for 150k or less? Well the options vary. Many snowbirds purchase a condo on the east side, central, northwest, or north/ northeast side of town complete with community swimming pools, fitness areas, and other amenities that condo/ townhome living offers for well under $150k.

Affordable Condos and townhomes in Tucson AZ make sense for snowbirds if

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Obviously when you’re relocating to Tucson Arizona if you have never been here it can be extremely hard to figure out what side of town you want to live on, or what type of home you can get. Hopefully blogs like mine help you to shed light on what is available and to get a feel for the region months before you actually show up to town. Relocating to Tucson Arizona can (like all relocations) be stressful and complex. The toughest part of relocating to anywhere regardless if it’s Tucson (which hopefully it is) is finding a home you like in an area of town that works well for both you and your family. I figured I would give a basic rundown of the large mega communities that are very popular with relocating (and native residents) buyers. These neighborhoods

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SahuaritaRecently watching the real estate market in the Rancho Sahuarita master-planned community I have seen several relatively new homes in Rancho Sahuarita that are foreclosed homes, (Bank Owned, REO) that have sold for very low prices. Some of these homes are selling for as little as $81/ sf. Now these homes just closed within the past couple days so there obviously are deals still to be had, but when I see foreclosure (foreclosed. bank owned, reo) homes in Rancho Sahuarita at these prices it is incredible to see how affordable Rancho Sahuarita can be for those willing to do some work and put a little money into their new home. Here’s an example of a home that just closed escrow this week it was a 1900sf single story home in KB Home’s subdivision of Rancho

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MaranaIn Marana there is a new upcoming area located at the intersection of Tangerine and Thornydale a lot of new construction and development is going on. Within a couple minutes of this intersection is the master-planned development of Dove Mountain. Dove Mountain offers an assortment of mid to high end housing options and as many know it is also home to The Gallery Golf Course the current home of the World Match Play Championship. This area is exploding with high end growth at a rate a lot of people do not perceive or comprehend. At the intersection of Tangerine and Thornydale within a couple minutes north is the extreme high end property/ development named Saguaro Ranch which will be home to properties all in excess of $2M and beyond. This high end

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I recently came across this history of Marana Arizona; it is very interesting to say the least. I was really surprised at a number of things I read here and how the beginnings of the town were formed. The most interesting part was reading that Juan Bautista de Anza, Captain of the Presidio (fort) of Tubac took a group of pioneers and eventually led them to the founding of San Francisco CA. Part of his path is still preserved in Marana and able to be seen.


Prehistory Period (2200 B.C. – 1450 A.D.)

Archaeologists have documented about 4200 years of continuous human
occupation in Marana and the surrounding middle Santa Cruz Valley. The
prehistoric inhabitants of this valley were the first farmers, potters, canal
builders, and

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Paloma RidgeA new home community/ development located in Tucson’s Catalina Foothills developed by AF Sterling is Paloma Ridge this new home development is one of the best new home developments I have ever seen done. Now obviously new housing in the foothills is not cheap by any metric. These homes start in the mid $400’s and escalate into the low $600’s. However for a very nice new home development in the Catalina Foothills I feel the project and the homes are fairly priced given the location.Paloma Ridge The location of Paloma Ridge is essentially directly in front of La Paloma off of Sunrise just east of Via Palomita. La Paloma’s magnificent Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses can be seen just behind Paloma Ridge’s property boundaries. Paloma Ridge’s homes have highly

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Madera Highlands is a new home master planned development in which several national homebuilders have decided to each offer affordable homes set in a unique setting of a Pecan Grove. Prior to Madera Highlands being a large new home development it was home to a grove of Pecan Trees which grow extremely well in Southern AZ. (as long as they get water!) When the land developers were developing the land for home building, part of the plan was to leave some of the large mature Pecan Trees and incorporate them into the neighborhood. This allows for residents in a way to have a distinctive and unique neighborhood that you can bet no other neighborhood has in the Tucson area. Large mature Pecan trees dot the 16 acre park area where there are also several

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-Here is an article I came across recently from 1979. Trying to come up with info and doing tons of research for this blog it’s amazing some of the stuff I come across, but here is a good way to see how far things have come in Tucson AZ in less then 30 years. Some stats from this article:

-In 1979 Tucson’s Metro Population was roughly 312,000. Including the “outskirts” the total is close just over 500,000 people. Today that figure is almost 550,000 people within city limits and the Tucson AZ region is easily over 1,000,000 residents and on its way to 1,100,000 for total population. To give you an even better idea projections show Tucson AZ is scheduled to have a population of greater then 1,500,000 before 2025. (That’s a 50% increase within 17 years

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If your looking for an urban neighborhood (that’s what the builder Miramonte Homes markets this community as.) with homes that feature flair, and a rare design found in Tucson. Miramonte At The River is most likely for you. Miramonte At the River is an upscale new home community/development located on Tucson’s NW side just south of River on the east side of Stone and abuts the Rillito River. The actual new neighborhood sits in a high demand location across the street to the west is the Tucson Mall, just north of this new home community is The Tucson Heart Hospital, to the east sits “The Foothills”, and to the south sits a large office building and the Rillito River with its very popular “River Walk”. The “River Walk” is essentially a running/biking path

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Located just off of La Cholla and River Rd on Tucson’s NW side is AF Sterling’s Riverside Pointe new home subdivision. I recently went to this community to get a better understanding of this new home community and what AF Sterling is building here. As previously mentioned (in other blog posts) AF Sterling is a premium homebuilder within the Tucson AZ area. AF Sterling builds homes in all price ranges by they typically specialize in the 500k high end new home market. AF Sterling homes offers 2×6”(most homebuilders try to cut costs by using smaller 2×4” studs vs. the wider 2×6”) construction studs for framing meaning that the walls are a couple inches thicker then most other builders giving the homeowner better insulation of the entire home and ultimately

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