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As everyone knows the past 3 years have been pretty hard for Tucson Homebuilders, but which builders are actually in trouble? Well if you go to the State of Arizona Department of Real Estate they actually make builders that are in trouble (IE: That builder has had Mechanic’s liens, Trustee Sales, Bankruptcy Disclosures filed.) put all buyer earnest money deposits within a neutral escrow account to protect the buyers from losing deposit money by a builder going out of business.

Having said that this is only for builders who have already had these certain claims filed against them or decided to file for bankruptcy protection themselves. If a builder is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy and you give them your earnest money deposit (means you wrote

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I thought it was interesting to take a look at the historical population of Tucson Arizona. As anyone can see from this chart the population of Tucson has exploded in 150 years. In just the past 60 years Tucson has gone from just over 45,000 people to in excess of 525,000! Now these numbers are only for just the “metro” region of Tucson and they do not include Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita, Vail, and Green Valley. When those numbers are included it brings the Tucson region up to over 1,100,000 in total population. What this chart also shows is that Tucson continues a growth trend that will increase housing, and land needs. Even 10 years ago many parts of Marana and Sahuarita, as well as many parts of Oro Valley did not even exist. Today those areas are

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Let’s face it; almost any home that goes on the market could always have a little more curb appeal. Curb appeal in Tucson is a slightly more difficult to figure out then other areas of the country. Here in Tucson the high majority of homes have rock (granite) front yards with a couple various plants scattered around. So here are some tips to help you improve your Tucson home’s curb appeal which will only help you to sell your home faster and maybe for a little extra. So where do you start?

The first place I think sellers should start is the path which buyers will take to the front door. So make sure the driveway is clean (use a pressure washer) to clean the entire drive and the sidewalk leading to the front door. If the entry path doesn’t show well

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I know I’m going to break a lot of people dreams up right now of “I want to buy the builder’s model home” however here is why you don’t. When a homebuilder is opening a new community the first thing they get to work on is the model complex. The model complex is obviously where the builder’s models are and usually where the sales office resides as well. Now all builders’ models look astounding they are in style, tons of upgrades, finished landscaping, and just “perfect” most people think. However since the models are what the builder needs to complete first so that they can start selling homes in the neighborhood the models are always rushed. The model homes are always built extremely fast because the builder will have a hard time doing these things

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