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tucson-rs-1.jpgAre you in the market for Tucson real estate and want to know what the top 10 things to know about the Tucson area? Ok here is my breakdown:

#1 It’s hot here in the Summer! Imagine this; you take your hairdryer turn it on and point it towards yourself (don’t try this at home) but if that hairdryer is about let’s call it 12-15 inches from you that’s what Tucson Arizona is like during the summer, IT’S HOT! You will burn your hands on the steering wheel of your car, asphalt can become very sticky, and when you walk from air conditioning to the outside (well go get the hairdryer again and there you go.). WHY would anyone put up with that? Well eventually comes the night and when the sun goes down people actually come outside and the nights are very nice,

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negotiation-pic-rs.jpgLet’s face it everyone wants a “deal” specifically when they are making a home purchase. Most people in today’s real estate market understand that foreclosure homes are where they have the best chance of getting the best deal on a home. But how do you maximize the chances that you will get the bank to give you an incredibly good deal on your foreclosure home purchase? Well read the rest of this post and hopefully you will get the basics of how to score the best deal possible on a foreclosure home.

The first thing you want to do to maximize your chances of getting the best deal possible on a foreclosure home is to use a real estate agent (Realtor) who handles a lot of foreclosure business as a buyer’s agent. This means that that Realtor only (on

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After a couple weeks of seeing mortgage interest rates tick up ever so slightly yesterday mortgage rates headed south. Currently a borrower with some money down and a very high credit score can enjoy a 30 year fixed mortgage rate of 4.625%* (for conventional financing) and 4.75%* for FHA borrowers! As already mentioned on this blog (many times) the FED is buying up mortgage backed securities (bonds essentially) which is making the yields (interest rates of these products: Mortgages) plunge. The FED (in my mind) is doing the right thing to try to fix housing by buying these securities it adds liquidity for banks to lend more AND it pushes down yield lowing the direct rate that a home buyer pays on their mortgage payment. The other thing this allows (low

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