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realtor-pic-rs-190.jpgOk so your listing agent tells you:

“The higher commission we offer the buyer’s agents the faster your home will sell and that will translate into a higher net price for you the seller.”

So is that true?

Well here are my statistical findings of the subject. I pulled closed home stats from November 15th 2008 until present and then divided the search up dependant upon what the seller offered the buyer’s real estate agent in commission (Also known as Co-Op or Cooperating Broker Commission). I then did calculations to figure out number of homes sold at each percentage, list price vs. eventual sales price, days on market, and also the “cumulative actual net sell price including commission paid”. (That last one is something I made up however its

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foreclosure-home-pic-rs.jpgEveryone always asks:

“How much can you take off the listing price of a foreclosure home?”


“How much less will the bank take?”

Now to be honest on an individual home it’s an impossible thing to know how much less a bank will accept on their foreclosure home then it’s listed for. All sorts of variables exist such as days on market, if other buyers are interested, condition of home, competition of other bank owned homes in the area, and on and on. However I can give you some averages that should help when trying to negotiate on a foreclosure home here in the Tucson Arizona area.

On “average” (“Average” is a very popular used word that rarely means anything for your individual purchase.) but on average the actual sale price vs.

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