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"No HOA Neighborhoods Tucson az"

Is a home in an Home Owners Association (HOA) for you?

For some buyers buying a home NOT within the confines of an HOA (Home owners association) is at the top of the lists of what they need in a new home. Here is a buying guide for those buyers seeking a home in Tucson Arizona (AZ) with no HOA (Home Owners Association) and those on the fence as to if a HOA neighborhood is for them. The first thing is to make sure this is what you want. I say this because sometimes buyers “think” they want no HOA so that they can do what they want with their properties and homes. While I don’t personally like strong HOA’s I think buyers should realize every neighborhood has a different idea of what an HOA should be.

For those home buyers that have boats, RV’s,

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"Tucson Land For Sale"

Tucson Land can be great to buy and build a home on, or invest in just make sure you understand the process

Are you interested in buying a parcel of vacant land in Tucson? Many buyers want to buy a pice of land and then build a dream home upon it and for many this dream becomes a reality. However it is important you understand the Tucson land market is very different from the regular residential business most Realtors deal in. Lots available for sale have zoning that must be adhered too, many vacant lots within neighborhoods that are being developed will have building restrictions on how your home should look and how large or small it is allowed to be. Buying land in Tucson and building a home on it is a very complex transaction only buyers willing to

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"Fixer-upper in Tucson"

This fixer-upper home in the Foothills is perfect for an investor with deep cash reserves

I recently went scouting major fix-up homes in the Foothills for a client the other day. One of the homes was one of the largest fix-ups I have seen in a while. This home sits in the heart of the Catalina Foothills and I have no-idea how a home in such a high end area got into such dis-repair. (literally multi-million dollar homes are all around it) It got me to thinking of what a lot of potential buyers of “fix-up” homes or buyers who want to buy homes that need a lot of work should be looking for when trying to find a good buy and home that can be purchased under market.

This home in the 85718 zip just off of N. Alvernon I went to view for an investor client

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Tucson has a large population of winter residents and second home owners

I always get a lot of interest and sell a lot of homes to people on the verge of retiring/ just retired/ or wanting a second home that can then become their retirement home within 5-10 years. Tucson on the whole is a mecca for those about to retire as it has a relative low cost of living, lots of amenities, world class weather, and low home prices allowing second homes to be affordable for most people interested in owning one.

In this post I will answer a lot of the questions I routinely receive and hopefully this will help those looking for a second home/ or to retire to Tucson with common questions about Tucson retirement/ second/ winter homes.

The first question is: What

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Determining how much home/ house you can afford is one of the very first steps in deciding to make the jump into buying a home for many first time buyers. However most first time buyers get the actual numbers they can afford initially wrong, and it sets them up for a host of problems down the road. When trying to figure out how much they can afford, first (1st) time buyers generally assume they can afford much more then what they really can, or they don’t associate what they can afford with the area and amenities they have on their “wish list”.

Most first time buyers (like all buyers) want to get everything in their first home and to be honest they get hooked on

"First time home buyers in Tucson"

Buying your first home is easy when you take the right approach from the start.

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FHA now has a loan program for investors (non-0wner occupied) real estate/ home purchases. Many people don’t realize within the FHA there are many of different loan options since many people option and receive the most common that is for (mostly) first time buyers with great rates and a 3.5% down payment requirement. However there are other loan programs FHA loans have always allowed investors to use them to purchase/ finance real estate what is somewhat new is this $100/ down option for investment real estate. This isnt just in Tucson either it is nationwide available for all non-owner occupied real estate/ homes.

So what are the requirements?

-640 Minimum Credit Score

-No Escrow Holdbacks On The Property

-No More The 4 Financed Properties At One

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Eagle Crest Ranch developed by DR Horton for the past several years offers one of the best values for buyers looking to live on the far north side of the Tucson metro region. Eagle Crest Ranch is in Catalina Arizona, Catalina is a small but fast growing city within Pinal County. Catalina is growing with all of its recent new

"Eagle Crest Ranch"

Eagle Crest Ranch Offers A Great Value For Today's Home Buyers

home neighborhoods that have been developed recently (most notably Black Horse Ranch) Catalina offers buyers who may not want to be in Oro Valley affordable new home options.

For new homes within Eagle Crest Ranch in Catalina Arizona (AZ) DR Horton offers two different series of homes. The normal Eagle Crest Ranch new home product that starts in the $130k’s  for

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