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Tucson or Phoenix Which Area Should You Live In?

Since Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in America the question is always posed, should I move to the Phoenix area? Or the Tucson region? Being a Realtor people like to know all the differences in the cities and also the housing markets/ what the homes are like as Arizona homes are definitely much different then most of the housing options across the rest of the country. In Arizona specifically Tucson and Phoenix we have Haciendas, Territorials, as well as more traditional Spanish Colonials, Queen Anne’s, and Contemporary homes of all sizes and price ranges.

If you are considering the Tucson or Phoenix metro areas to move/ relocate/ or retire to you are in luck as I represent buyers in both

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Paying cash for a home sale will get you a discount BUT finding the right type of seller will get you a much better discount then others!

When buying a home a lot of buyers that can pay cash ask:

“How much can I save if I pay cash for my house instead of finance it?

Basically paying cash does make a difference specifically in today’s market, yet to the seller it isn’t a whole much of a difference because all sellers are paid cash at closing so to them its more a matter of the security in your cash offer vs. anything else.

What does that mean?

Well when you are buying a home and using a loan to buy it financing calls for different things such as a appraisal to be completed. Depending upon financing the bank may also have questions on the

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Since a lot of areas of the Tucson region are unincorporated areas and cities seem to continue to grow in both size and the need for tax dollars annexation is a common strategy cities such as Tucson, Oro Valley, or Marana can use to grow their cities boundaries and tax base.

So how does annexation work?

Successful annexation requires the consent of the majority of the property owners affected. State law requires signatures from more then 50% of the property owners as well as the signatures from property owners of 50% or more of the assessed valuation in the area.

What are the benefits of annexation of an area?

The benefits of a city annexing an area are they will be able to charge taxes on the the new properties within their area. This increases

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