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If you would like to buy or live in a Tucson Arizona neighborhood with no HOA (Home Owners Association) surprisingly it can be a challenge to find suitable homes forsale outside of an HOA.

What’s the reason almost every Tucson neighborhood has a Home Owners Association?

The reason is very simple while a home builder/ real estate developer is developing a neighborhood they always (for the past 30 years) put together a “Home Owners Association” in which they control while the builder is selling new homes within the development. The reason they (the builder) always set up a HOA is so that they can control how the neighborhood looks. The developer/ builder does not want to be trying to sell new homes for sale with a neighbor that just moved in and makes

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"Tucson rental homes"

Tucson rental real estate is priced right to make investors good solid returns right now

Rental Property for sale in Tucson is starting to become highly prized as prices have come down for all Tucson housing segments including residential income. Individual rental homes offer solid and stable returns right now; duplexes, Tri-Plexes (3-plex), Four-plexes, (4-plex), and small apartment complexes offer even better returns but more risk as the purchases are much larger and have more components as you increase the number of units. Right now Tucson, AZ rental property for sale yields an average 7%-12% capitalization rate for high quality properties.

Right now I am representing one Tucson real estate investor and the cap rate “if” he pays full price for

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I know a lot of people use “” to figure out what homes are worth and what they should pay or price their home at. But should you use Zillow to base anything? Well here are the stats I picked these 5 recent Foothills (85718 zip) at random to see where Zillow had them versus where they actually sold for and out of the 5 sales 2 were way off the market one “Zestimate” was 58% over the sales price of one of the properties of the other 3 sales I would say Zillow was pretty close within the 10% of sales price I would say is realistic as a lot goes into home prices other than just tangibles such as home size, and lot size.  If you are looking to sell a home Zillow would be a place to get a very rough idea of your homes value and to get a more exact

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Central Tucson homes and real estate for sale offer a mixture of home types, prices, and locations.

"Central Tucson Homes For Sale"

Central Tucson homes offer Tucson's best variety as well as property near some of Tucson's largest employers and destinations

Within Tucson’s central housing district there are historic neighborhoods such as Sam Hughes near the University of Arizona, newer neighborhoods like Riverhaven built in 2005 and 2006, as well as older brick homes predominately built in the 1950′s and 1960′s that have character and great locations. Centrally located homes in Tucson range a lot in often short distances in some situations just being on the right street or nearby a major Tucson destination as in the U of A, or Tucson Medical Center, or the right neighborhood

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"Tucson Arizona kitchen"

Getting a mortgage if you have had credit issues is possible if you follow the right process and work with the right people to assist you

Since the real estate market has come down so much as well as the combination of the deep and serious recession the US faced recently many people have experienced financial setback from minor to major it seems like everyone has been affected by the overall economy in some way.

So what if you have some credit issues/ bad credit can you still buy a home/ house in today’s real estate market and get a loan/ financing for it?

Well honestly that depends I have people call me every week with their situations and if you have just had a major setback recently ie: Bankruptcy, short sale, or a foreclosure no you will not

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"NW Northwest Tucson homes for sale"

NW Tucson offers buyers a variety of price points, home styles, and locations

Northwest Tucson stretches a long distance from Marana, Oro Valley, to Tucson and right into the Foothills. The NW real estate market is by far the largest housing market in the Tucson region comprising roughly 40% off all the transactions that occur in the Tucson area. Homes for sale in Northwest (NW) Tucson vary by price, style, age, and of course location but every type of home can be found on this side of town. Some of the largest neighborhoods in Tucson reside on the northwest side of town and each offers hundreds of homes for sale. Those neighborhoods include:

Homes/ Properties For Sale In Northwest Tucson Currently:

-Continental Ranch

-Continental Reserve

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"Kitchen on a home near The University Of Arizona"

Regardless of price range or what type of home a buyer wants they can find it near The University Of Arizona

If you are searching/ looking to buy a home, condo, or townhome near the University of Arizona there are plenty of options available for you. All home-styles and price ranges are available within a close proximity to the University Of Arizona regardless if you happen to be a first time buyer or looking for your next million dollar estate both and everything in between will be an option. If you happen to be a student looking to attend the U of A programs are even available for you and your parents to help you be able to buy a home instead of having to pay rent this program is called an FHA Kiddie Condo and is very popular as most homes can be

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