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Luxury home in Tucson Seller financing in real estate is a simple way to help or get a property sold. Seller financing is when the seller of a property also finances (also known as carrying the note) the purchase for the buyer. Typically the property is owned outright by the seller. The benefits to seller financing for both the buyer and seller are many. 

As a seller, financing allows:

  1. More buyers are available to buy when you offer them financing.
  2. By charging an interest rate you give yourself additional ROI on the transaction. (Seller financing typically carries a 2% to 5% higher interest rate than normal bank financing.)
  3. If the buyer fails to make the mortgage payments you will have to foreclose, but you get the property back. Foreclosure works just like a
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As someone who is constantly in the market representing many clients every day, I see and get information as fast as anyone in the business. To be honest, one problem that is starting to emerge is a lack of quality inventory at all price levels, especially on the Northwest and North side. Catalina Foothills homes look dated and in some situation need significant repairs those homes are still $500,000 or more. On the Northwest side quality is very hard to find under $200,000 and it is somewhat difficult to find decent homes in Oro Valley or Dove Mountain for under $300,000. 

What should buyers do? 

Buyers can do one of two things; the first is to stay out of the market.... Which I think will only mean they will end up paying more money for even less

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A question that comes up a lot with my clients is "Where do I find the best deal/ value on a home at?". This is not a very easy question to answer because every client is different and no one can live in a "deal". What sounds good on paper when you move in and realize how much is wrong with a home or unexpected is no one's idea of a good time. So forgetting the foreclosure trustee sales were generally the best raw deals are found (and buyers can only buy homes for cash site unseen most of the time.) where are the best values found? 

In my opinion, I think the three best places to find a great home deal/ value would be as follows:

1) Bar none a highly competent and experienced Realtor. We see all of the sales, watch the inventory, know what problems

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