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What are the most popular/ demanded neighborhoods in Tucson right now? Where do others seem to gravitate towards when moving to the Tucson area? This is a question we get a lot and in the past three years things have changed and new developments have been built. In the Tucson are, the NW side continues to push further out and development in this area is the heaviest. Probably 3/5 people moving to Tucson end up deciding to move to the NW side; we do not see demand slowing anytime soon. That being the case most of the best new neighborhoods are found on the NW side. 

1) Center Pointe Oro Valley Homes for sale; Center Pointe is a new home development built by Maracay Homes which started home sales in mid-2016. Since then the sales have been super strong

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A common question I seem to answer every other day is "after we sign at the title company we get our keys?" (or money if you are a seller). So I thought it would be beneficial to go over how a real estate closing works in Arizona and what the expectations are. In different parts of the US a real estate "closing" is a different event that would not even be recognizable to buyers and sellers if moved to another location with a different custom. In the Northeast part of the US (from what I understand) buyers, sellers, Realtors for each, and the attorneys for each, plus the title agent all meet at one time and literally pass around the paperwork to "close" the transaction. After it is done the property is sold and ownership is changed. Arizona has a much

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"home for sale with pool and palm trees"

Even in today's sellers market some homes get a lot of activity but do not find a buyer willing to buy. Here is some help for those situations.

A question that I hear a lot of others agents in our office answering goes is something along the lines of:
“We have had a lot of buyers take a look at our home but no one is making an offer what is going on?” or “How many showings does it take to sell this house?”

Both questions are valid and hopefully, I can explain some of what is going on. Last year in Tucson inventory numbers went to all time lows simply put not enough homes are available for sale. When buyers are looking for a new home they are lucky to even have more than 3-5 homes that actually “fit” their criteria at any given time to view. These

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