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What are the most popular/ demanded neighborhoods in Tucson right now? Where do others seem to gravitate towards when moving to the Tucson area? This is a question we get a lot and in the past three years things have changed and new developments have been built. In the Tucson are, the NW side continues to push further out and development in this area is the heaviest. Probably 3/5 people moving to Tucson end up deciding to move to the NW side; we do not see demand slowing anytime soon. That being the case most of the best new neighborhoods are found on the NW side. 

1) Center Pointe Oro Valley Homes for sale; Center Pointe is a new home development built by Maracay Homes which started home sales in mid-2016. Since then the sales have been super strong

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A common question I seem to answer every other day is "after we sign at the title company we get our keys?" (or money if you are a seller). So I thought it would be beneficial to go over how a real estate closing works in Arizona and what the expectations are. In different parts of the US a real estate "closing" is a different event that would not even be recognizable to buyers and sellers if moved to another location with a different custom. In the Northeast part of the US (from what I understand) buyers, sellers, Realtors for each, and the attorneys for each, plus the title agent all meet at one time and literally pass around the paperwork to "close" the transaction. After it is done the property is sold and ownership is changed. Arizona has a much

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"home for sale with pool and palm trees"

Even in today's sellers market some homes get a lot of activity but do not find a buyer willing to buy. Here is some help for those situations.

A question that I hear a lot of others agents in our office answering goes is something along the lines of:
“We have had a lot of buyers take a look at our home but no one is making an offer what is going on?” or “How many showings does it take to sell this house?”

Both questions are valid and hopefully, I can explain some of what is going on. Last year in Tucson inventory numbers went to all time lows simply put not enough homes are available for sale. When buyers are looking for a new home they are lucky to even have more than 3-5 homes that actually “fit” their criteria at any given time to view. These

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Oro Valley home we listed and put under contract recently Homes in Tucson are continuing their march towards higher prices and higher sales levels. Overall homes on average still feel like they are slightly under-valued mainly due to the low-interest rates available. Interest rates are also on the way up increasing to the mid 4% range for a 30 year fixed. This is still ridiculously low considering the overall economy and specifically the Tucson economy. The local Tucson economy is very strong right now as many companies are expanding/ relocating to Tucson for a myriad of reasons. Jobs here are currently plentiful, housing is relatively cheap, (compared to Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and Portland.) and the surge of baby boomers retiring keeps showing itself daily in the Tucson region. 


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We are about to put another listing of ours on the market. This home won't be officially on the market until next week but here is a preview as we expect there to be a lot of interest. A client of ours Rick and LeAnn bought this home a few years back and remodeled it with; extensive tile flooring, kitchen updates, as well as bath updates, paint, etc. Now they have purchased a larger home and no longer need two homes. The result is they are selling their home on Bogert. The home is 1371sf, 3/2 single story with a 2 car garage. Excellent mountain views out the back under a large patio make it great for entertaining friends and family or enjoying some of Tucson's amazing sunsets. 

7441 Bogert Dr is located on the NW side of Tucson north of Ina and west of

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Morning View Home for sale A new client named Mike was recently referred to us by another past client (Josh) last week. Mike and his wife have decided to sell their home on the NW side that they have spent the better part of the last several years remodeling. This home has been basically redone from the top to bottom with updates throughout. Inside the home provides three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a formal living/ dining, and family room on one level. Vaulted ceilings, an open kitchen, and large bedrooms allow for easy living with privacy. Some of the interior updates were extensive with a new chef's kitchen being installed, (42-inch upper cabinets, concrete counters, upgraded appliances, breakfast bar, and lighting just to list some of it.) new flooring; slate in some areas with

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An amazing home in the Canada Hills neighborhood of Oro Valley is going to be on the market later this week or early next week as the sellers just decided it was time to sell and move on. Our clients George and Carol have lived in the home for the last 20 years and have decided while Tucson is; great cooler summers maybe better. We are sad to see them leave, but their home will make a great new home for some lucky Oro Valley family soon. Before it goes officially on the market we wanted to let everyone that follows our site and facebook page get the first shot at this home. (As always if you are not a fan of the Michael Oliver/ Realtor page on facebook become one as that is where we place a great deal of educational as well as new to the market

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1234 Versilia, 85737 Oro Valley home now for sale! Here's a new listing we will be putting on the market for a past client of ours. (We sold him this amazing home a couple of years ago.) Now Steve, the home seller has decided Tucson has been great, but it's time to move on so his home will be going on the market.The home at 1234 Versilia Dr in Rancho Vistoso is not yet on the market, but here is your chance to get to see it before anyone else does. (If you want to learn about other deals not yet on the market that we have info on like our facebook page as that's where we post these sorts of thing.) 1234 Versilia is 2145sf in size with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths both of which have updates. The home has quite a few other updates including engineered; hardwood flooring, glass tile shower surround, extensive tile

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Priceless book by Poundstone

Small pricing differences in the list price of your home can make some large differences. This book by William Poundstone is a great read to help understand how pricing works in the real world.

Does setting a more exact list price work better for you as a home seller? Statistically yes; it gets you a higher sale price and buyers are less willing to bring in low offers.

I have always tried to set listing prices of homes to the point of just under the price level with a somewhat exact feel to it. For example instead of listing a home for sale at $450,000; I would prefer a seller choose $449,990 as the actual advertised price. The reason is this type of rounding is called Charm Pricing, psychological pricing, or price ending and tends to be effective

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Luxury home in Tucson Seller financing in real estate is a simple way to help or get a property sold. Seller financing is when the seller of a property also finances (also known as carrying the note) the purchase for the buyer. Typically the property is owned outright by the seller. The benefits to seller financing for both the buyer and seller are many. 

As a seller, financing allows:

  1. More buyers are available to buy when you offer them financing.
  2. By charging an interest rate you give yourself additional ROI on the transaction. (Seller financing typically carries a 2% to 5% higher interest rate than normal bank financing.)
  3. If the buyer fails to make the mortgage payments you will have to foreclose, but you get the property back. Foreclosure works just like a
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