Common Problems Home Sellers Face and What To Do About Them

Posted by Michael Oliver on Friday, May 17th, 2019 at 10:21am

Having sold many homes I can tell you the common problems almost all home sellers face and what the solutions are.

First, why does anyone decide to sell a home in the first place?

The reasons are all different but some of the most common are the following.

  1. Out of space. Growing families and people with too many hobbies can easily and unknowingly just run out of space before they even notice it. Moving to a home with an extra bedroom, garage space, or just more footage can alleviate a lot of pressure that naturally builds up when you feel you are in a cramped space or things are stacked on top of each other.

  2. The need for something new. Don’t ask me why but I think humans are designed to seek new shelter after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Many of our clients that want to sell simply have no good reason to do so, but that they want something different; styles change, people change and in many cases what used to be great is now just ok. If you feel this way it’s common and maybe change is the solution.

  3. You current home is outdated. If you have a home that was built prior to 2000 you will be blown away by what the new housing options offer. Larger windows, open floor plans, super efficient with everything new is hard to not like.

  4. Lifestyle change empty nesters, growing families, divorce, and many other things cause a change in the housing required to make life easier. You home needs to match your needs. If it doesn't contact us to see what other options may be better.


When the time comes to sell what are the pitfalls these sellers and others face?

Here our the top 5 things we see come up when selling you home.

  1. Emotional attachment many times one person is ready to sell while other(s) are not. If this is you, it is not the time to sell. Stay put and think about if your home is truly giving you what you need from it. After a few weeks to months if you can’t say for sure a new home will solve the issues it’s probably best to stay put.

  2. Sellers that are selling because they need space need to significantly declutter and remove a lot of items prior to selling. It’s this simple; If you selling because you need more space what happens when the buyer who is coming to look at your house shows up and it feels more cramped and cluttered than their smaller house they are moving from also due to space constraints? I can tell you they just keep looking figuring that their problem of needing space will not be solved by buying your home.

  3. Out of date homes that have minor upgrades sellers are seeking way to much for. Many sellers who have an out of date home like any seller want premium prices. Oliver Realty excels at unlocking value for sellers, but there is a point that things just don’t make sense. If your home needs a lot of work and there is no way you are willing to do it then sell what you have and don’t try to sell it as something else. If you do the buyers will realize it and unfortunately they also will keep looking.

  4. Lifestyles change first then your home does generally. When you need a new home due to a life change you most likely needed a new home a long time prior. This being the case many of these sellers put undue pressure on themselves to sell because honestly it is slightly painful to stay in a home that doesn't work anymore and has not worked for them for quite a while. Sellers in this situation to avoid a pitfall need to identify their life has changed and get their home sold sooner in the process than later. Identifying this early in the game is the best route to minimize the difficulty of holding on to a house that isn’t what you need anymore. It can feel like a real burden after a while. So beat life to the punch by coming to terms with this issue early and be glad you did!

  5. Not taking all offers seriously. Any buyer that places an offer should be worked in a manner to try to get a sale to occur at a favorable price and terms to the seller. Many buyers think that just placing a low offer is the way things are bought and sold. They will pay far above this initial asking price but have to feel like they “tried to get a deal” first. This being the case I am not advising sellers to just try meeting in the middle when selling, but to send a counter even one back at full price and see what happens. Many buyers just need to know they tried before going up to the real pricing they value a property at.


Hopefully these tips help you as a seller yo get the best pricing and terms possible in the real estate market when selling. In our experience prices can be influenced from 2% to as much as 10% when a home is sold in the correct manner with proper sales techniques. If you have questions about selling your home or would like our opinion on what you should do to obtain the highest price possible feel from to email or call us today!


Thanks again, Michael

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