How To Improve Your Desert Home’s Curb Appeal. Tips For Tucson Home Sellers

Posted by Michael Oliver on Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 at 12:00pm

Let’s face it; almost any home that goes on the market could always have a little more curb appeal. Curb appeal in Tucson is a slightly more difficult to figure out then other areas of the country. Here in Tucson the high majority of homes have rock (granite) front yards with a couple various plants scattered around. So here are some tips to help you improve your Tucson home’s curb appeal which will only help you to sell your home faster and maybe for a little extra. So where do you start?

The first place I think sellers should start is the path which buyers will take to the front door. So make sure the driveway is clean (use a pressure washer) to clean the entire drive and the sidewalk leading to the front door. If the entry path doesn’t show well right away buyers (before they even get into your home) are going to have negative thoughts about your home. This “negativity” will not help you in any way, in fact it will make the entire home seem not as good as maybe it would have felt had the first impression been a pleasant one vs. a “Wow, if the entry is that bad what’s the rest of this house like.” So following this idea that we want the path the buyers take to the front door to feel like it’s a nice, well maintained home use potted plants and planters to add attractiveness to this front entry path. Outside of the front door I always recommend sellers use a decent sized flowering potted plant next to the entrance door to show color and try to set buyers up for the rest of the home.

Ok so what else? Well this is obvious but many sellers miss it, have the entire yard (front and rear for that matter) trimmed, weeds pulled, plants/ bushes that are dead or not looking good they need replaced. Landscaping realistically is relatively cheap a couple new bushes, possibly a new tree, and some additional “filler” plants to add color and variety might cost you a coupe hundred dollars. Make sure your home’s landscaping has the look of “well maintained” and attractive. Look around the neighborhood and make it your mission to have some extra color and variety in the plants your front yard features vs. the rest of the neighborhood. Here’s another tip; if your home was built over 10 years ago its safe to assume the rock in the front yard could use some freshening. Go to the landscape supply store and get a ton (or two) of the same rock your front has (bring a sample) and add the rock to your front yard. This will make your home stand out right away! The new rock has a look to it that will for sure make buyers feel like “This Home is the best in the neighborhood.” Also while you’re at the landscape supply store pick up some boulders that match your front yard rock color. Boulders are cheap maybe 8 cents per pound grab 3 or 4 decent sized boulders to go with your new rock and you as a seller will be very surprised at the change your front yard will take. The boulders will add distinction and flair to your home.

I also find if you really want to make a good first impression replace your front door. For the most part most front doors are pretty basic and not to attractive. Go to the hardware store and pick up a door with a window or some sort or maybe a solid wood alder door. These doors range in price but if the home is an older tract built home I guarantee the other 20 homes that the buyer looked at were the same as the builder installed years ago. Make your door different, (do check with the HOA guidelines to ensure you paint the outside the correct color.) this will set the bar a little higher when buyers come through your home before they even get there walking up to the front they will realize: “This front door looks way better then every other home we have seen.” This automatically raises the bar for buyer’s expectation of your home. This is exactly what you as a seller want to happen. Hopefully these few tips will help you to sell your home faster and for a higher price.

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