Should I sell my house? Ideas to help you make the right decision

Posted by Michael Oliver on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at 12:48pm

Should sell my house?

This is a question that a lot of us ask ourselves from time to time. The simple response is it comes down to is your home still meeting the needs you had when you purchased it? Have those needs and/or lifestyle changed? 

Tucson Home Michael and Heather Oliver Successfully Sold 

One simple question to honestly ask yourself and/or your family is; “Is this house still meeting our needs and lifestyle?"

Here’s what I mean by that. Every house serves a function and the obvious function is to keep us out of the cold, but past that there are far, far more functions (I will call them jobs from now on) that a home is doing for you and your family.

For instance; Homes with children in the local school district are being educated and getting a direct service from that home’s location. If the school district is not up to your child's needs then maybe moving could/ should be an option.

The same goes for size. If a home you bought 10 years ago when you had three children at home is now only occupied by two people odds are you can cut your costs dramatically. Downsizing to a slightly smaller, newer home could cut your tax bill, energy costs, insurance premiums, and still, provide you with plenty of house for guests to visit. The cost savings could go into a savings account, travel fund or anything and still be the same or less than carrying the costs of a property you are not getting maximum use from. See how Michael and Heather Oliver get homes sold for clients whose needs have changed.

Or what if your home is nearing 25-35 years of age and you have not upgraded it in that time? Odds are very high in that situation you will be looking at major repairs/ updates very soon.

Water heaters in Arizona on average last appx 15 years, kitchen and baths have an approximately a 25-year lifespan, the roof and air conditioners also have a limited lifespan that eventually will need significant investment/ replacement. If your home is in good shape now and not currently meeting your needs an argument can be made to sell now and get what you can for it before you are required to make these significant investments down the road.

Another job your home provides is a physical location. Does the location still work for you? If you have changed jobs and your commute is now 20 minutes longer each way, we can probably find a better fit.

Selling your home is all about the jobs your current home is completing for you. Just like any other job it has to be the right fit and if your home is not meeting your needs we recommend looking at your options while the home selling market is currently very favorable to you as a seller. We have helped hundreds of Arizona families solve their housing needs and realize that at its basic function a home has to meet its occupants needs to make the costs worth it. As those needs change so should house.

Contact us for a free no obligation consultation to assess if your needs could be better met by the housing options present in the market.


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