Top 3 Things To Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale In Today's Market

Posted by Michael Oliver on Thursday, February 14th, 2019 at 9:40am

In today’s market buyers want up to date, clean and stylish homes. These are the homes we are seeing sell for a premium. In some cases I have seen homes that are well put together sell for a 10%+ premium to what they would sell for if just put on the market as if the owners did nothing special prior to listing for sale. Obviously an extra 10% adds up when selling your home. So what should you do?


  1. Paint; Paint the interior and if needed the exterior. If your home has not been painted in the last 10 years it’s due for a new paint job. Neutral contemporary colors and sheens work best. Light cream colors, silvers, and light blues are currently in trend and if you want something different soft yellows also can work well. For paint sheens do not use flat paint. (It looks dinky and cheap. Buyers that spend the larger amounts want the nicer stuff keep this in mind in everything you do.) Go with eggshell; semi gloss in the kitchen and baths or if you are feeling up to it sometimes a satin can look outstanding.


1A) If you have a high end kitchen/ bath use High Gloss and show it off. Getting the light to bounce off the walls onto your high end finishes will do wonders to making buyers want to buy.


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       2) Declutter (A lot); Ideally you will have the minimum amount of furniture in each room. Just enough to define the room and its purpose is what I personally look for when helping sellers get a home ready for sale. We want to show room size but allow the buyers to be able to make decisions on if thier sectional or bed would fit in a room. So long as there is something for them to use as a anchor the staging has done its job. Let the house sell itself after that point.


        3) Update/ Accessorize; Updating appliances, countertops, flooring, and anything that is not working properly or has been overgrown is in today’s market usually a good spend. Buyers are looking for the move in ready properties. Home prices have moved up quite a bit in the last 5 years they want to feel like they are buying something good not a money pit or something they need to add $10,000 to the price to get what they want.


3A) Accessorize; Make the home feel warm with stylish; art, dining rooms set, beds sets, and other small design upgrades. For the most part any of these things you do you can use in your next house. Theoretically they won't cost anything if you like them for the new home. These accessories give the house some personality and in a sea of homes all with grey walls and porcelain wood look tile you will need it to differentiate your house from the rest.

I hope these tips help you get the most for your home in this year’s home selling season. If you would like additional tips or want us to come take a look at how to get your home properly positioned for sale contact us today!


Thanks for reading! Michael Oliver / Oliver Realty Designated Broker and Owner

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