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The housing market in Tucson seems to remain strong with a slight slowdown during the holidays however buyers are back and willing to pay some of the highest prices Tucson has seen in some time.


Average sale prices in are up 9.48% from a year ago in January of 2018. Currently the average Tucson area home is selling for $253,801 We at Oliver Realty contribute this directly due to low inventory levels and limited options for buyers to buy. Low interest rates are also fueling buyer’s ability to buy at higher prices.


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Inventory as mentioned remains very constrained with only 3.04 months of inventory available. 4905 total homes currently for sale down 13.9% from last January! Oliver Realty expects

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The real estate market has appreciated substantially since 2014. Today, many buyers may think that it is impossible to get a lot of house for their money because of the current conditions, but we will show you how to do exactly that.


  1. Buyers looking to maximize their value and get the most house for the money need to look for homes that need a little bit of work/ repairs. The well appointed, up-to-date homes in the market are selling for premium prices currently. If you want to get the most for your money you need to look for those properties that need a little help. Cosmetic improvements that can be completed for a few thousand to your likes could save you up to $10,000 off of your new home. This makes for a great return on investment.

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Should sell my house?

This is a question that a lot of us ask ourselves from time to time. The simple response is it comes down to is your home still meeting the needs you had when you purchased it? Have those needs and/or lifestyle changed? 

Tucson Home Michael and Heather Oliver Successfully Sold 

One simple question to honestly ask yourself and/or your family is; “Is this house still meeting our needs and lifestyle?"

Here’s what I mean by that. Every house serves a function and the obvious function is to keep us out of the cold, but past that there are far, far more functions (I will call them jobs from now on) that a home is doing for you and your family.

For instance; Homes with children in the local school district are being educated and getting a direct service from that home’s location.

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On the NW side of Tucson two very popular and above average price point neighborhoods are having major issues with water contamination. Homeowners have been advised not to drink the water at all as high levels of dioxane and PFAS both of which can cause a wide range of health issues. Continental Ranch is unaffected as the well the neighborhood draws water from is serviced by Tucson Water. At this time there is no timetable when the pollution will be solved and residents will be able to go back to drinking the water. A great resource to learn more is an article about this shown here; Tucson.com Marana Water Article

How does this affect real estate in the area?

In our opinion, this pollution will affect values in Continental Reserve and Saguaro Bloom

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Today the Fed increased rates again for the fourth time since 2015 by 1/4 of a percent. While this is a small increase it is usually felt across the financial landscape as it is the main rate all others originate from. Will mortgage rates go up due to this? Maybe, however, we feel that the increase should not happen anytime soon. Inflation seems to be the real driver of higher rates as lenders are most concerned with their principle not being eroded as much as what the return is going to be on the loan. This being the case without inflation being very present in the economy currently mortgages rates should stay low for the near future. 

If and when (we think it is a matter of when not if) inflation does start to increase mortgage rates should rise in

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What are the most popular/ demanded neighborhoods in Tucson right now? Where do others seem to gravitate towards when moving to the Tucson area? This is a question we get a lot and in the past three years things have changed and new developments have been built. In the Tucson are, the NW side continues to push further out and development in this area is the heaviest. Probably 3/5 people moving to Tucson end up deciding to move to the NW side; we do not see demand slowing anytime soon. That being the case most of the best new neighborhoods are found on the NW side. 

1) Center Pointe Oro Valley Homes for sale; Center Pointe is a new home development built by Maracay Homes which started home sales in mid-2016. Since then the sales have been super strong

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A common question I seem to answer every other day is "after we sign at the title company we get our keys?" (or money if you are a seller). So I thought it would be beneficial to go over how a real estate closing works in Arizona and what the expectations are. In different parts of the US a real estate "closing" is a different event that would not even be recognizable to buyers and sellers if moved to another location with a different custom. In the Northeast part of the US (from what I understand) buyers, sellers, Realtors for each, and the attorneys for each, plus the title agent all meet at one time and literally pass around the paperwork to "close" the transaction. After it is done the property is sold and ownership is changed. Arizona has a much

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Oro Valley home we listed and put under contract recently Homes in Tucson are continuing their march towards higher prices and higher sales levels. Overall homes on average still feel like they are slightly under-valued mainly due to the low-interest rates available. Interest rates are also on the way up increasing to the mid 4% range for a 30 year fixed. This is still ridiculously low considering the overall economy and specifically the Tucson economy. The local Tucson economy is very strong right now as many companies are expanding/ relocating to Tucson for a myriad of reasons. Jobs here are currently plentiful, housing is relatively cheap, (compared to Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and Portland.) and the surge of baby boomers retiring keeps showing itself daily in the Tucson region. 


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Luxury home in Tucson Seller financing in real estate is a simple way to help or get a property sold. Seller financing is when the seller of a property also finances (also known as carrying the note) the purchase for the buyer. Typically the property is owned outright by the seller. The benefits to seller financing for both the buyer and seller are many. 

As a seller, financing allows:

  1. More buyers are available to buy when you offer them financing.
  2. By charging an interest rate you give yourself additional ROI on the transaction. (Seller financing typically carries a 2% to 5% higher interest rate than normal bank financing.)
  3. If the buyer fails to make the mortgage payments you will have to foreclose, but you get the property back. Foreclosure works just like a
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As someone who is constantly in the market representing many clients every day, I see and get information as fast as anyone in the business. To be honest, one problem that is starting to emerge is a lack of quality inventory at all price levels, especially on the Northwest and North side. Catalina Foothills homes look dated and in some situation need significant repairs those homes are still $500,000 or more. On the Northwest side quality is very hard to find under $200,000 and it is somewhat difficult to find decent homes in Oro Valley or Dove Mountain for under $300,000. 

What should buyers do? 

Buyers can do one of two things; the first is to stay out of the market.... Which I think will only mean they will end up paying more money for even less

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