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Oliver Realty is a new Arizona based real estate cloud brokerage.

We will show you how to effectively market so you get more clients.

Targeted Marketing

Then we will teach you expert sales techniques so you can complete more transactions.

We use technology to do both efficiently. You will save substantial time and money by working with Oliver Realty.

Oliver Realty's fee schedule is simple - we charge agents $499 per deal, all-inclusive.

We also currently and for years been able to produce an overage of leads which we give to our agents to work! If you are a Realtor anywhere in Arizona contact us today to see the real estate brokerage of the future. 

We charge no other fees to our agents! Say goodbye to commission splits with your broker, transaction fees, E & O fees, technology fees and/or any other type of fees you may be currently paying! If you have a team or want to start one, Oliver Realty has simple plans and business strategies that as a team leader you should contact us immediately to discuss.

Contact us today at 520-979-5851 or complete the form below to learn more about what Oliver Realty can do for you.

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