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At Oliver Realty, our goal is to provide our agents with expert knowledge, plans, and technology to allow them to thrive in the marketplace. We feel the real estate industry is changing quickly; to excel and stay relevant in this business agents will need to become smarter, understand technology, and ultimately become more efficient. We think teaching and helping agents understand their business as a business is the best way for agents to produce results for themselves and their clients. We are looking for partners in agents that work with us that not only want to get better at selling homes but also help others get better in the and succeed in the business.

We have several ways we are helping agents build successful and long lasting businesses for themselves, including:

  • Personalized Business Plans/Coaching: Regardless of your experience as an agent, running your business is hard. Having someone who has experience in today’s real estate sales business to consult with is almost a requirement in today's high tech fast moving industry. With over $100M worth of homes sold and years of running his own high producing team, Michael Oliver will work with you directly to help you cut costs, increase revenue, and build a stronger brand in your market.
  • Technology: At Oliver Realty we have built out the same systems that Michael and Heather Oliver used on their top producing real estate teams for years. In fact, we re-invested and added to it. Some of the technology we can provide and offer agents guidance on include: artificial intelligence for texting leads, bleeding edge Google and Facebook marketing strategies, Youtube video marketing, 360 degree photo/video, and lots, lots more.

Included Tools For Oliver Realty Agents

Google GmailUnlimited Cloud StorageDotLoop
Real Estate Webmasters CRMOptimized website use for entering leads (our site)Workplace App
REW AppDirect training from proven resourcesGoogle Hangouts

  • Learning Based: At Oliver Realty we use open learning models to help everyone get better. We believe that if agents share their best practices everyone can get better faster. We use Workplace, an app specifically created for our business to have each agent connected and able to work out issues, learn from, and communicate faster and overall better. Communication is one of the agents' most important tools, so we work hard to enable our agents to take advantage of an area we think could be greatly improved.
  • Efficiency: Like all businesses for the last 300 years, efficiency/productivity is the way you make more or make the same and work less. We will work with you to help you become more efficient and cut waste. If you are happy with your sales production we will work with you to cut some of the time and effort you may be spending without seeing results. If you would like to increase your sales production, we will work with you to accelerate your efficiency and unlock far more sales and clients.
  • Easy: We work hard to make working at and with Oliver Realty as easy and efficient as possible.
  • Honesty: We will treat you fairly as a valued agent. If we see issues with your business plan or certain ways you are doing something we will offer some assistance. Many times in the real estate business agents can feel like they don’t know which way to turn or how to handle something and we will always give you a fair and honest assessment of our opinion. We will also not have “secret deals” with some agents and not others as we think/know this creates an unfair competitive advantage within the brokerage.
  • Fees: We offer some of the lowest fee structures in the industry. We can/will show you how to run your business so that you may be able to earn a 100%+ commission plan. (We have done it running our own team the last 2 years.) At Oliver Realty, we think having the agents keep as much of their commission as possible and reinvesting those proceeds into their own businesses is the way to gain a huge advantage in the market. We have done this in our business for the last several years with almost $200M worth of home sales to show for it. We know it works and will show you how to keep more of your commissions and unlock additional sales (if you want to).
  • No Commitments/Cancel Anytime: At Oliver Realty we want our agents to be happy and productive so therefore we provide a cancel anytime clause for agents. If you sign up with Oliver Realty and are not happy with things or think your talents would be better served elsewhere you are free to quit no questions asked. Your active listings are yours to take (they are your clients anyway); you take your buyers with you as well. Any deals in escrow you still get paid the same amount as if you were an Oliver agent. We just ask you to close those sales properly. That’s it. No strings, no threats, no extra payments to the brokerage because you left. This is how partners treat each other even when they no longer can or want to work together and we feel it’s the proper way to conduct a healthy brokerage and business environment for all.

If you think this is the type of brokerage that can help you achieve more and earn more, contact us today for a no obligation and 100% confidential discussion.

Breakdown of Oliver Realty Fees

  • Full Agents (Team Leaders, Single Agents, also including Husband and Wife Teams)
    • $4999 total commission split cap. Once an agent has paid this amount no other commission splits are charged at Oliver Realty. (Prorated from when you sign on. Resets at the start of each year)
    • $105/ month office fee. (This fee can be waived if agents prepaid their commission split cap when signing on with Oliver Realty.
    • After an agent reaches the commission split cap every sale after the cap is reached is charged a $79 transaction fee.
  • Agents who work on a team fees (including buyer agents, listing agents, etc)
    • $2999* total commission split cap. Once this is paid into Oliver Realty we will not charge any further commission splits. This is prorated depending on your start date with Oliver Realty. *You may have further commission splits with your team leader.)
    • $105/ month office fee
    • $79 per sale after commission split cap has been met.

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