Luxury Home Sales

Listing and successfully selling a luxury home in the Tucson area requires that you hire the right Realtor to navigate the sale from start to finish. Your Realtor must command a deep knowledge of the property, comprehend the real estate marketplace (both locally and nationally), and has mastered the sales and marketing side of the business. Very few Realtors ever achieve this level of competency; most simply do not possess the skill sets and experience required. We have handled an abundance of high-end home sales across the Tucson valley. We not only have mastered all facets of the real estate brokerage business, but we also complete the tasks required in an efficient, transparent, detailed, honest, and expert manner.

Our experience in luxury home sales

Luxury home sales are different from your typical home listing and sale. The buyers are far more knowledgeable about the properties, the marketplace, finishes and features, as well as far stronger in negotiations. Simply put, luxury home sales are no place for an inexperienced Realtor. With over $100,000,000 and counting worth of successfully sold homes and tens of millions of that total occurring in the high-end luxury segment of the market, we know how to handle the marketing, presentation, negotiations, sale, and closing of high-end properties. As a group of experienced agents, we have successfully sold luxury properties other agents failed to sell. This has not happened just a couple of times, but happens regularly! Why?

What allows us to sell homes others cannot?

We believe that we continue to have success in the luxury segment due to our unique ability to comprehend what buyers in the market are looking for and how to align your property with their needs and desires. Real estate at its base level is a product, and each buyer segment has different requirements they are looking for. We are experts at making these two meet, which allows your home to successfully sell. We use bleeding-edge marketing (especially social media) to identify and attract those buyers to your home, and that frequently makes the sale.

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How does our marketing help you sell your luxury home?

After selling over a hundred million dollars in homes, we have identified the root causes of our success. We trace it back to a couple of things.

First is properly aligning the property with its correct target profile home buyer. Knowing who is the most probable buyer and who your home is going to be the most valuable to is critical. We don’t just identify vanilla profiles either, we excel at identifying specific buyer needs and specific profiles so we can target these purchasers. Occupations, life stage, prior experience in the real estate market, and prior location history are all built into who we target.

Second, we expertly market to that buyer profile. Both are required to bring premium retail buyers to your home to make a purchase. We employ social media marketing, search engine optimization, advanced professional photography, blended with traditional networking practices and the MLS to ensure your property gets the publicity it will need to sell for the most possible.

In our experience, most buyers do not know what home will work best for their needs, and expert marketing does an incredible job of helping them discover their best options. Our bleeding-edge marketing of properties engages the following companies: Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Real Estate Webmasters, Zillow and other proprietary networks. This allows us to find the most capable and probable buyer in the market for your home. We also have other mind-bending technology we think most home sellers will view as must-have in a couple of years. We have it ready today!

Virtual Reality Technology

This is an area of technology that I (Michael) think will probably change the real estate sales business in many ways over the next 2-3 years. We are making large investments in the equipment and techniques to master this brand-new space of luxury home sales and marketing. VR photography and video allows home buyers to tour your home with 360-degree viewing, as if walking through your home in real-life. In my opinion, this technology will be equal to the invention of the Internet for transforming the way homes are marketed and purchased. It’s that important! Buyers can not only view your home with 360-degree views in 4k clarity, but they can change locations (going room to room) within the VR tour. The options allowed include viewing the floor plan, and zooming in to get more information about certain options the home features. The opportunity for this is almost limitless and it is something we are pushing and learning about daily as the technology evolves. We have the technology today, however, to put this into action on your home for sale.

Augmented Reality Technology

Another ground breaking area that we are starting to experiment with for high-end luxury home sellers, is the augmented reality (AR) space. Think of this: while walking through a home for sale, you can use your cell phone to call up additional info. You'll be able to find specific brand info for the appliances, utility costs, efficiency ratings for HVAC systems, materials used for certain finishes such as countertops or flooring, measurements for rooms, even what different furniture layouts would look like. We believe AR technology along with Virtual Reality will be what separates the luxury market from the rest of the pack, and it is technology we can incorporate into selling your home today!

As you can see, we take listing and selling properties very seriously. We are constantly upgrading our systems to provide our clients with the best the industry has to offer. On top of that, luxury home sales in Tucson generally have to compete with Phoenix (Scottsdale/Fountain Hills), Las Vegas (Henderson), and Sante Fe (true SW living). When competing with these other world-class locations, it’s important that your Realtor understands how to properly position your home to stand out against the competition and we know how to do this extremely well.

If these are the types of advanced selling techniques and knowledge-based home listing services you would like to have on your side when selling a luxury home, contact us today for a free, no-obligation, consultation to see how we can help unlock the true value of your real estate assets!

Let us work with you to get your home sold for it's maximum price today just like we did for these satisfied past clients!

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