Heather Oliver 

My approach to real estate focuses on the people side of the business. I pride myself on understanding your wants and needs. Trying to sell or buy a house can be extremely stressful, and I’m here to help however I can. No matter what questions or concerns you may have, I’ll take the time and do the work to solve your problems. If you prefer someone more business-minded, however, please ask for Michael. If you’re looking to buy and operating on a budget or schedule, consider Courtney.


My Background

I started my career in real estate in 2006 and have been working with Michael since 2012. My very first real estate transaction started off with a triple sale, which means that I listed a home, found and represented the buyer, then helped the seller buy their next property. This is an extremely complex and very rare occurrence—to this day, I have yet to do another triple, even hundreds of sales later. But my background in the business goes back even further. My family has been in the industry for years, so it was always something I wanted to work in. During high school, I worked in a mortgage brokerage office helping with administrative work for the company, and enjoyed it so much that I knew that this was my dream career.

What I like best about my work is meeting clients, both new and old. It’s important to me to help you explore all of your options, including ones you might not have considered, to find the one that works best for you. I believe that this is especially important for out-of-state buyers who often aren’t familiar with Tucson. I try to consider everything you need and want, from the kind of community you’d prefer to something that seems as trivial as what direction your windows face. (For desert residents, this is very important as a room with west-facing windows will often be several degrees hotter than the rest of the house.)

Ultimately, I don’t regard what I do as “work”—I see it as a challenge to get my clients what they want, or a puzzle to be solved. As soon as I notice any potential problems for my clients, I will go the extra mile to help you and make sure that you get the result you want.


About Me



I was initially born in Wyoming and moved to Catalina (the town north of Oro Valley and next to Tucson) in elementary school. Although I consider Tucson to be my home, I still have strong ties to my roots—I’m a descendant of the Shoshone Indian tribe (Wind River Indian Reservation), which is famous for being Sacagawea’s tribe. Sacagawea is an American legend, renowned for serving as a guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark expedition, which explored the western United States in the early 1800s. I’m proud to say that I’m distantly related to her. Even today, my family’s Shoshone heritage is still very important to us—some of my ancestors have risen to become chiefs of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, and my grandfather is currently a sub-chief. You can read more about him here.

I’ve always deeply cherished my family, whether it’s my roots or the kids. Right now, Michael and I have one boy and two girls (Dylan, Maddie, and Brianna). Watching them grow and learn is incredibly rewarding. Although I like to do puzzles and yoga when I can, most of my spare time is about them—I’ll find and learn new recipes that they’ll enjoy, take the kids to their classes and practices and games (Dylan and Maddie play sports, and Brianna does dance), or just enjoy a relaxing evening watching a movie together (and settle the fights over who gets to pick what to watch). But one of the best memories of my life thus far is when we took the kids back to see my family in Wyoming, and I had the wonderful experience of seeing them connect to their roots.

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