Realtors in Tucson

Realtors in Tucson, Arizona (including Oro Valley, Marana, Vail, Sahuarita, the Catalina Foothills and Dove Mountain) are involved in the majority of home sales. Over 95% of all real estate transactions involve a Realtor due to the complexity, legal aspects, and knowledge required of home buying and selling in the Tucson area.

How Much Experience Does the Average Tucson Realtor Have?

The Realtor you choose to represent you in a real estate transaction will make a large difference in the information and results you receive. In our experience, most Realtors have scant success in handling client home sales. The average Realtor in Tucson sells approximately 3-4 homes a year and makes roughly $18,000 in commissions. This lack of knowledge and understanding of the marketplace can present a significant disadvantage versus hiring an experienced, knowledgeable Realtor.

An experienced and well-informed Realtor can sometimes save you tens of thousands of dollars off the purchase price of your home, or enable you to make that much more on a home sale due to their expertise. It take years of training to learn how to evaluate property, how to advise on repairs, and how to understand the dynamics of a neighborhood.

We have learned an astounding amount over the years about how the real estate market functions in Tucson and its surrounding areas. We also know how to market properties to their targeted audiences efficiently, allowing you to capture the prime market for your home's location and features. Furthermore, we are expert negotiators, with over 500 successful home sales worth of experience and almost 1000 satisfied clients.

What Should You Look For When Hiring a Realtor in Tucson?

A long track record of successfully selling homes, as indicated above, should be a big factor -- especially sales of homes similar to your home's level and type. But what else? We think a Realtor's knowledge base should be extremely deep. As a client, you may get into situations that require significant knowledge in order to manage them properly. This is what you are relying on (and paying for) your Realtor to handle on your behalf.

So track record, knowledge base... what else should an educated client look for when hiring a Realtor? We think the last thing (but not the least important) that should be considered in the trustworthiness and reputation of the Realtor and their brokerage. As a home buyer or seller, you need a Realtor who can be trusted to be your advocate 100% of the time and not to act in their own self-interest. While you won't always know until after the sale is completed how trustworthy your Realtor is, looking at their reputation online as well as reading past client testimonials will get you a long way toward finding a Realtor who is honest and gets the job done. When reviewing Realtors in Tucson, keep in mind that just because they have a lot of reviews it doesn't make them better or the best. A lot of Realtors get everyone they know to write "reviews" for them to inflate the number. Even a couple of bad reviews isn't that bad, as it demonstrates that these reviews are honest. We feel very skeptical of any business that is supposed to be a busy successful place that has never had a bad review. How is it possible they have never upset or disappointed anyone, ever? That, to us, doesn't feel realistic.

How Much Neighborhood Knowledge do Realtors in Tucson Have?

If you work with an expert Tucson Realtor, they will be able to help you understand the dynamics of the market, down to how different neighborhoods are evolving. As time goes by, different Tucson neighborhoods can become more demanded (like downtown Tucson currently is) or start to decline. The direction of the trend can make a large difference in your ability to sell the property at a later point. Buying correctly in regards to neighborhood demand should improve your chances for a higher sale price down the road.

It is important when buying or selling your home in Tucson that your Realtor educates you about the trends for your exact situation. Buying a home may be fun and exciting, but not knowing the drawbacks of a specific neighborhood and home could result in a stunning loss when you decide to sell it in a few years. Items like commute times, local schools, nearby shopping districts, and maintenance issues may not be a Realtor's specialty. However, an excellent Realtor will assist you in understanding exactly what you are buying (or selling) in each individual situation.

When selling, the concepts here are the same. If major increases in commute times are making a neighborhood less demanded, it may be a great time to sell. Sometimes the age of the properties in a neighborhood are starting to depress interest and will make it harder to sell the property for a good price. In other situations, rising interest rates or an imbalance in supply and demand at the neighborhood level may make for a great opportunity to sell for a high price. Working with a Tucson Realtor who understands the best time to sell your home will be a major asset for you.

How Do You Find a Realtor?

We think the best way to find a Realtor in Tucson is to ask people you know, but also conduct your own research online. Look for someone who sells the type of home you want (or have) in your part of town. Selling a home in NW Tucson is different than selling the same type of home in Vail. Homes in Oro Valley need to be marketed differently than homes on the west side as the buyer profile is different. Who seems to be the most knowledgeable and honest? There are many Realtors in Tucson who have the ability to serve you and your real estate goals successfully.

How Does a Realtor Help Me As a Seller?

As a home seller in Tucson (including Oro Valley, Vail, Sahuarita, Marana, and Dove Mountain), the Realtor acting as your listing Realtor has a huge amount of influence over the outcome of your sale. The way the property is presented, the type of photography used, the write-ups, the buying of media to market the home, and the way the showings are conducted all influence the home sale significantly.

Think of it this way. If you heard great things about a new restaurant in town and the first thing you saw when you entered was a dead mouse in the corner, almost nothing else would matter. Your amazing new restaurant would probably never be considered again. It's the same thing when selling a home in Tucson. Your Realtor acts as the manager and primary sales representative of the home. It is her job to present everything properly to allow you as a seller to gain by her expertise and understanding of the marketplace.

How Does a Realtor Help Me As a Buyer?

Realtors that are great with buyers are different from Realtors that are great at representing sellers. The knowledge base and skill sets are very different. It's very similar to baseball. A great pitcher would not make a great center fielder, as the needs of each position are incredibly specialized and different.

In home sales, a great buyer's Realtor (buyer's rep is what we call them) is often able to understand the needs of clients better than the client can communicate verbally. When buyers look at homes, they have certain wants and needs. An exceptional buyer's Realtor pays attention to these cues in order to find the best homes for the client's entire family's preferences. The buyer's Realtor also pays close attention to the condition of the property, what other developments may be ahead, and if there are any possible issues down the road for each home being considered. A great buyer's Realtor acts as a guide of sorts, wading through the Tucson real estate marketplace and keeping her clients from falling into quicksand or tripping on pitfalls obvious to them that others do not notice.

Which Companies Do Most Realtors Work For?

Most Realtors in Tucson work for large real estate brokerages. The largest real estate brokerage in Tucson currently is Long Realty. About 1000 Realtors are affiliated with this well-established, local brokerage. Long Realty is also where we work, as we feel it gives our clientele some small advantages that we can make even larger.

Tierra Antigua is the second largest Tucson Realtor brokerage, with roughly 1000 Realtors there as well, but with much less volume per agent than Long Realty. For a number of years, we were affiliated with Tierra Antigua and were the #1 selling Realtors at Tierra Antigua when we left. Tierra Antigua is a great real estate brokerage. The rest of the Tucson Realtor community works for a handful of companies including Coldwell Banker, Re/Max, Homesmart, Sotheby's, and Century 21.

What Fees or Commissions Do Realtors Charge?

Realtors charge different fees for different services depending on experience, specialty, and knowledge of the market. In our experience, you get what you pay for in the real estate industry. Realtors in Tucson who are smart, educated, knowledgeable, ingenious at selling homes, with a lengthy successful track record of selling Tucson homes do not come cheap. Most of those Realtors charge between 6% and 10% to list a home and sell it. They do not keep all the commissions for themselves, however. It is split in many ways, leaving them with a small portion of the original commissions/fees charged.

Keep in mind that your Realtor has abilities that you may not know you need until you need them. Saving a client $5,000-$10,000 off the purchase of a home might seem easy and that any Realtor will do. But pit an inexperienced buyer's Realtor against an expert listing Realtor, and see how much harder it is for the inexperienced Realtor to get a good price for their clients. The fees or commissions charged for services to sell a home should not be the deciding factor in choosing a Realtor. Real estate is a performance job. A Realtor's tactics and skill sets directly influence the pricing you, as a client, receive and the one you choose to handle that task will affect the outcome.

Also, you should understand that if the property is not sold, you as a client pay nothing for the service. You may think you will be saving money on commissions by finding the lowest priced Realtor in town, but if no sale occurs, then you have just wasted your time and effort while you continued to carry costs associated with owning a property you may no longer want or need. This is why we advise you to find the best Realtor for your home and property -- not just anyone. In our experience, buyers and sellers tend to get what they pay for in the Realtor community.

Note that when selling land parcels, fees and commissions are higher, with listing fees generally at 6% to 15% depending on exactly what the parcel is and how hard it will be to sell.

What's the History of Realtors?

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is the Realtor's trade group that was originated in 1908 to flush out the real estate agents who were defrauding their clients and harming the public in all kinds of ways. The National Association of Realtors started as a group of real estate exchanges for trading homes -- much like how the stock market works. Each city had their own "homes for sale market" that would be monitored and handled via the real estate brokers in the city. Eventually those marketplaces evolved into what we now call Multiple Listing Service or (MLS) and is predominately used online for Realtors to assess info about the housing market and interpret that data for their clients' housing needs.

Prior to the formation of the National Association of Realtors, anyone who wanted to sell property with the permission of the owner (or sometimes without that permission) would try to sell it and collect a commission from the owner once a buyer was produced. In most cities across the USA, on the busiest street corners (usually in the business section) of the city, men in tall top hats would stand all day long with "lists" of the homes they were selling for prospective buyers to look at. They would keep the list of homes secret so that only they would know about the properties they were selling, keeping the competition at bay. Buyers would go from broker to broker and speak to them directly about the homes they had "lists" of in their pocket. This is the origin of the terms "listings" and "pocket listing."

None of these men represented the buyer before the National Association of Realtors was formed. Many sales agents would tell uneducated buyers whatever they thought would make them want to buy a property and would hold back any negative information. Public outcry was the reason the reputable real estate brokers across the country decided to join forces as a trade group and start the National Association of Realtors in 1908. Today it is one of the largest trade unions in the nation and remains a pillar for home ownership promotion and for real estate in general.

What Exactly do Realtors Do to Help Clients?

Realtors help clients in a myriad of ways. Prior to selling a home, most Realtors advise the homeowners regarding what they can do to maximize the home's market value. They help determine how the home will be presented and marketed, and they handle legal contracts on behalf of the client.

For home buyers, their Realtor will locate properties to view, educate clients on neighborhoods and different home types. Realtors representing a buyer should also know whether a home being viewed by a client is priced correctly and/or what a good price for it would be if the buyer decides to make a purchase. Exceptional Realtors in Tucson also advise home buyers on ways to make a home more energy efficient, educate clients on potential pitfalls, and advise clients on the cost of repairs or renovation projects. The buyer's Realtor also consults with the client and inspectors during the inspection phase of the purchase to ensure the home the client is buying does not have major unknown issues.

Who are the Best Realtors in Tucson?

Since we have been in the Realtor community selling homes since 2003, we are aware of how big a difference there is between experienced Realtors and those who are not as knowledgeable about their industry as they should be. Like anything else, the Realtors in Tucson who excel are also the most knowledgeable about their industry, and we feel these agents are some of the best in the business.

Naturally, we feel we provide the best representation for clients combined with the right attitude and experience to provide our clients with superior service and expertise. Michael and Heather Oliver are recognized as leading Realtors in the Tucson real estate business.

Who else? Matt and Kim Clifton at Tierra Antigua are very honest Realtors who have assisted many clients over the years. Robin Sue Kaiserman with Long Realty has an extensive track record of success. Russell Long is exceptional at what he provides clientele.

Who is the Top Selling or Top Producing Realtor in Tucson?

This is a hard question to answer. Many Realtors claim to be just that. Some Realtors claim to be the top selling Realtor for a certain neighborhood. Other Realtors in Tucson use the number of homes they have sold as the evidence. Many other Realtors use the total sold volume of the homes they sold as the metric. Other Realtors group every Realtor in their office into their homes sold totals to inflate the number of homes they personally sell, stating "they are involved in every home sale in their office." In our experience, this is a very bad metric for hiring a Realtor as everyone seems to claim they are "the top selling Realtor." Find a Realtor who knows your neighborhood, home type, and price point and also has a long track record of superior experience and knowledge.

Should I Find a Realtor Who Specializes in a Certain Type of Home?

Some Realtors in Tucson do specialize in a certain home type or neighborhood, such as historic homes, Jostler's, mid-century moderns, or TJ Bednar homes. Our opinion is that with internet marketing so advanced today, your Realtor must be an expert at understanding the audience for your home. Your Realtor needs to be able to drive that audience via online media channels directly to your home. We would suggest that the important specialty today is excellence in online presentation, marketing, and audience dynamics. Most of the selling of properties in Tucson is happening online, and we expect this trend to not only continue but accelerate in the future.

What Kind of Realtor Should I Hire to Sell my Home?

This is another difficult question to answer as every Realtor brings with them a slightly different set of abilities. We feel finding an honest Realtor who has a depth of knowledge and experience as a listing Realtor is the best choice. Listing homes for sale and selling them is a hard skill to acquire, and there is no place to learn without doing.

Most Realtors you see online are predominantly geared towards representing buyers and are not as educated regarding the needs of sellers. They are unaware of what it feels like to list a property versus just view one after another. We have a deep base of experience listing homes for sale and effectively selling them for seller clients. We have listed many properties -- especially higher-end ones -- that other Realtors could not sell due to lack of ingenuity, misunderstanding of the marketplace, and/or lack of marketing ability to drive the proper buyers to the home for sale.

If this is the type of representation you would like to see from your Realtor in Tucson including Oro Valley, Vail, Sahuarita, the Catalina Foothills, Marana, and Dove Mountain, we would be happy to discuss how we can help you today! We have over 500 home sales worth of experience totaling more than $100,000,000 in total sales volume. Let us show you how we can assist you with buying or selling a home in the Tucson metro region and meeting your Tucson real estate goals.

Let us work with you to get your home sold for it's maximum price today just like we did for these satisfied past clients!

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