Why List Your Home with Michael Oliver?

If you're about to start selling your Tucson home, you'll be interested to learn why so many sellers have trusted Oliver Realty to represent their interests over the years. First and foremost, we've established a reputation in Tucson for putting the needs of clients like you above our own.

We offer frank, knowledgeable service informed by strong values and even stronger work ethic. Whether you want complete control over your transaction or would prefer a hands-off experience, we'll be there for you. We know that client success is our success, so we'll roll up our sleeves to make sure that you get the best price for your home according to the time frame you establish.

Putting You First

Oliver Realty are practiced negotiators, prepared to advocate for our clients every step of the way. We know that selling your home can be a stressful experience, and we'll do everything in our power to offer you guidance and keep you in the loop, including weekly updates—or more frequently, if you prefer!—on the marketing of your home. From informing you about showings and providing you with ideas to help you sell your home to letting you know about the larger trends in Tucson real estate market conditions, we'll provide you with everything you need to know to make the smart decisions.

I would highly recommend Michael for any residential real estate need. I listed my home to test the market and received a contract on day 5 for just $2,400 less than my asking price. I was not prepared for such a quick sale! —Falena Reed

Experienced in Selling

Successfully selling a property requires a massive amount of knowledge. Even after finding a buyer willing to pay the listed price, it still requires negotiating the sale terms, inspections, and closing. With a process this complicated, issues are inevitable and how these are resolved can be the difference between getting your home closed for top dollar or putting it back on the market.

So, why not enlist the help of an industry-leading marketing team, employing a range of proven techniques to ensure that your home is seen by thousands of promising buyers. One that understands that each home is unique and will fully customize a marketing strategy to best reach the type of buyers who are most interested in homes just like yours.

Since 2002, Michael Oliver has closed more than $100,000,000 in deals across the Tucson area, specializing in Oro Valley, Catalina Foothills, and Northwest Tucson. With the knowledge, connections, and resources to allow you as a home seller to prosper from your real estate sale, Oliver Realty are a one-stop shop and will manage everything from the initial home preparations through to sale completion.

Our Process

  • Market Research

    The most important reason to hire Oliver Realty is the initial effort we take to maximize your home's ability to sell for the highest market price possible.

    Before we put your home on the market, we conduct in-depth research to find the best price point. Why? It's not just about determining the value of your home, but finding an asking price that will likely bring you the best returns in the shortest period possible.

    We will also work with you as a seller to understand what buyers are looking for in your market, so we can improve the marketability and value of your home. This rigorous process will pay off when it comes time to list your home, providing a competitive advantage over sellers who haven't done their due diligence.

  • Professional Staging

    Prior to posting an official listing, we will perform a walk-through to make sure that your home is 100% ready the moment it hits the market. Disappointing those very first buyers can be extremely costly. Our data suggests that buyers at early showings are willing to pay more for your home than anyone else!

    That's why, as part of our package, we employ a professional home stager who'll devise a custom plan to help you maximize the appeal of your home, from the front curb to the backyard, and from the floor to the ceiling. We then hold regular open houses, carefully guiding potential buyers through the home in order to showcase its best attributes.

    Selling the Unsellable: A Case Study

    Oliver Realty frequently help clients with supposedly "unsellable homes" like the one below, and we can do the same for you with our strategic, targeted marketing techniques.

    Original Living Room Living Room with Our Updated Colors and Decor
    Unsellable Living Room - Before Unsellable Living Room - Before

    After more than 23 months on the market, and multiple price cuts, one of Tucson's top brokerages struggled to sell this particular home. When the sellers approached us for help, we had the property strategically furnished and repainted. After only 2 days the home was seen by its eventual buyers, who closed 30 days later.

  • Photography

    Don't trust an amateur with a cell phone to take photos of your home. And even most professional photographers won't have an eye for real estate. That's why we make sure to work with full-time professional photographers experienced with Tucson real estate in order to create compelling high-resolution photographs that highlight the best features of your property.

    Original Exterior Photograph Our Exterior Photograph
    Exterior of Home - Before Exterior of Home - Before
  • 3D Tours

    Sometimes even the most beautiful photos won't cut it. That's why we employ the latest technology to help potential buyers explore your Tucson home for sale in three dimensions. For higher-end properties, we make sure clients get the chance to experience the space without needing to visit your home. Take a look at a recent example of these 3D tours at work. Take a look at a recent example of these 3D tours at work.

  • Targeted Internet Marketing

    According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors in 2016, 49% of home buyers first looked online for properties for sale and 83% of all respondents spent some time searching for homes on the internet. Is it any wonder, then, that Michael Oliver and his team use the highest percentage of our marketing budget to advertise your home online?

    And who we target with our marketing matters just as much as how we target potential buyers for your home. Buyers have specific needs, requirements, and budgets, so we employ extensive tools, knowledge, and experience to make sure we get the right buyers to see your home.

    How? By using highly sophisticated social media advertising targeted at your home's exact buyer profile which we research prior to listing the home for sale. 99% of Realtors in the market have no real social media marketing experience, much less a mastery that we do. This allows us to find buyers perfectly matched to your home that others cannot reach.

    We also buy advanced internet marketing such as search ads, display, and retargeting advertising to place your home in front of the right buyers for longer durations than anyone else. We know this type of marketing produces massive results with over $100M+ worth of home sales to show for it!

  • Custom Flyers

    Offline as well as online, your home deserves to be showcased in the best possible manner. Oliver Realty create custom flyers for homes that include vibrant photos, compelling write-ups, and relevant and verified information that helps buyers learn more about your home. These can be attached to the For Sale sign on your property, making it easy for the curious to find out more.

Let us work with you to get your home sold for it's maximum price today just like we did for these satisfied past clients!

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